Best Place To Explore In St. Mary of the Angels, Chicago, Illinois

It was dedicated in 1920 and closed in 1988. It was restored in 1991. It is a part of the Chicago’s Historic District. 

It is one of the most prominent Polish churches in the city and is considered one of the finest examples of Roman Renaissance architecture in North America. 

The church is considered a major landmark in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Its interior is decorated with paintings, ornate decorations and Greek capitals. 

Construction on the cathedral began in September 1911. It featured two bell towers. The main floor held twelve classrooms, the sanctuary, and convent quarters.  

The second floor contained living quarters for priests. The cathedral also featured a seventeen-story-tall dome. The church was designed by the architectural firm Worthmann & Steinbach. 

The church also served the Irish Catholic community. In 1916, the parish numbered 150 families. It was one of five parishes on the northwest side of Chicago. 

This building is a landmark of the Chicago area and one of the largest Polish churches in the Chicago region. Its interior contains colorful murals and ornate decorations. 

The parish also features a chapel with a mural dedicated to Saint Josemaria. This chapel is on the lower level of the church and offers Eucharistic Adoration.