Ozark : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Ozark

Smallin Civil War Cave

There are also several historic artifacts and relics on display, and you can also find a few Civil War-era artifacts here. You can read more about the cave in our Smallin Civil War Cave review.

Heather Hill Farms

You can also try Amish Wedding brand foods, too! You can also taste a wide variety of cheeses at Heather Hill Farms and take home some as souvenirs. 

Stained Glass Theatre

The theater was built in an old church in southwest Joplin, blending in with the neighborhood. It was one of the first businesses to be rebuilt in Joplin after the storm. However, the SGT is still on the hunt for a permanent home. 

Keen Eye Antique

Turnbull’s enthusiasm for the industry spilled over into the store. The two eventually opened their own store and, last November, expanded into a larger space. 

Ozark Antiques and Collectibles

No matter what type of antique or vintage item you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here. The atmosphere of this place is unique – it’s like a flea market in a large warehouse, which makes it very convenient for shoppers. 

Finley Farm

The Ozark Mill, a historic building built in 1833, has been flooded several times in its history. The mill was raised six feet off its foundation to protect the building from future flooding. The new foundation will allow the building to be restored. 

Clubhouse Playgym `

The gym is open to the public for birthday parties, scheduled playdates, and group play. Several different areas feature custom-built play structures for toddlers to build and explore. They also have a fun open space for crawling, where little play cars can take a spin.