Top 7 Best Places To Visit Overland Park

Museum at Prairiefire

The Museum at Prairiefire aims to showcase the best of the Prairiefire  District. The Museum at Prairiefire is a place where you can learn more  about this amazing part of the United States.

American Royal Museum

The American Royal Museum and Visitors Center provides information about Kansas’ agricultural history and farming.  A local docent can lead you on a tour of this area. You’ll see many  interesting exhibits and be able to compare yourself to steers,  chickens, or hogs.

IFly Kansas City

It’s not the typical skydiving experience. Because it is more like  flying than falling, it involves jumping from an aircraft and all of the  equipment that goes along with it. You can glide, soar and turn in the  air without a parachute.

Overland Park Convention Center

In November 2002, Overland Park Convention Center opened its doors to  the public. It is located in Overland Park, Kansas on 26 acres. This is  Kansas’ second-largest city and the largest suburb. It also has  state-of-the-art communication technology.

Old World Ballonery

Jason Jones is the current owner of Old World Ballonery. He started  ballooning when he was five years old as part of his mother’s chase  crew. He was a hot-air balloon pilot and has flown more than 1000 hours  as a pilot.

American Jazz Museum

American Jazz Museum

The American Jazz Museum, located in Kansas City Missouri, is a museum  specializing in jazz. It is dedicated to the preservation of American  jazz culture and history. The museum has showcased the work of famous  jazz musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Duke  Ellington.