Oneida : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Oneida , New York

Oneida Community Mansion House

The socialist Utopian group who once called the mansion their home will be explained, as well as their beliefs, practices and evolution. You will need to reserve your tickets in advance for the guided tour, which takes approximately two hours.

Oneida Performing Art

You may be able to find big events depending on when you travel. Even if these events are not available, there will be plenty of entertainment almost every day. You can enjoy live art from many different genres. 

The Eclectic Chic

The Eclectic Chic is the best place to find unique antique fins. The Eclectic Chic is a multi-vendor store that has more than 65 vendors. This ensures a productive antiquing experience. There will be a huge variety of items available, which will make it unique to Oneida. 

Mount Hope Park

Mount Hope Reservoir, a historic reservoir in Oneida, Madison County in New York is located. It has three contributing sites and four contributing structures. It was built between 1883-1886 and served as Oneida’s first source of water for drinking and fire protection. 

Madison County Historical Society

Madison County Historical Society is a non-profit organization that preserves, collects, promotes, and displays the history of Madison County, its fifteen towns, and one city.

Shakowi Cultural Center

Named in honor of Richard Chrisjohn (Wolf Clan), a former Nation Representative whose Oneida name translates to “he gives,” the building was built to help future generations feel connected to their heritage and roots. 

Oneida Parks & Recreation Office

There are many opportunities to play basketball, tennis, and participate in organized programs and events in the City of Oneida. You can find it all here in Oneida, whether you’re looking for active or passive recreation, and everything in between.