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If you’re visiting Nuremberg during the Christmas holidays, you can enjoy the Christmas Markets. 

NUREMBERG : Top 7 Best Places To Visit In Nuremberg, Germany

The Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg

The museum now has over three million items, including artifacts, archaeological remains, and ethnographic collections. 

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Nuremberg’s Historic City Walls 

The Old City Walls also contain an amazing collection of medieval art and sculpture. 

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Nuremberg Castle in Bavaria

A special garden commemorates Maria Sibylla Merian, a famous Nuremberg painter and insect researcher.  

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The Church of Our Lady in Nuremberg

On the top of the clock, the Holy Roman Emperor can be seen circling the clock and performing the famous “dance of little men.” 

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The St Sebaldus Church in Nuremberg 

The church is a long-standing building, dating back to 1235. It was dedicated to the Queen Elizabeth of Hungary.  

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Nuremberg Zoo

The Nuremberg zoo is one of Europe’s most impressive zoos. Set in a large park, it features rugged rock formations and hundreds of years old trees .

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Albrecht Durer’s House in Nuremberg

It was constructed around 1420 and was purchased by prominent astronomer Bernhard Walter in 1501. 

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