Niagara Falls : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Niagara Falls , New York

Niagara Falls State Park

The visitor center also has maps, information about the area, and tickets to the top attractions and places to visit. There are fireworks displays throughout the year and the falls can be lit at night.

Niagara Falls Observation Tower

From the Niagara Falls Observation Tower, you can enjoy the most spectacular view of the Niagara River, including the Canadian and American falls. It is possible to view the Falls from the platform, although it can be crowded.  

Cave of the Wind

The cave is 130 years old and is located outside of Colorado Springs. It features geological formations and rooms with fanciful names. Visitors can take the easy tour to learn about the cave’s geological features. 

Maid of the Mist

his famous boat ride allows visitors to see the Falls up close and experience the water spray firsthand. The boat is so close that passengers can almost touch the Falls! 

Devil’s Hole State Park

While visiting Devil’s Hole State Park, be sure to pack a camera. The park features a stone staircase that rises 300 feet above the gorge, which is accessible by foot. You can also take a brisk stroll down the scenic trail that leads to the base of the rapids. 

Goat Island

Tourists can also reach Luna Island via gangway at the northern tip on Goat Island. A network of walkways offers additional opportunities to view American Falls or Horseshoe Falls in a completely different perspective. 

Schoellkopf Power Station Ruin

It was then the largest power station of its type in the world. On June 7, 1956, the station was infamous for its collapse that destroyed two-thirds the plant in an unprecedented rush. The station was never rebuilt and is now a testimony to the incredible and lasting power of water.