Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Newnan, Georgia

Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site

The buildings of Newnan were largely unaffected by the American Civil War, even though they survived. Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site, a relatively new open space for the public with an area slightly larger than 80 hectares.

Coweta County African American Heritage Museum and Research Center

The African American Heritage Museum & Research Center is a repository of African-American artifacts, records, and also serves as a genealogy workspace for African-American research. Also known as Caswell House, its artefacts relating to African-American history are housed within a shotgun-style home common in the American south from the civil war until the 1920s. 

Dunaway Garden

Dunaway Gardens are located approximately 5 miles north from Newnan, on the road towards Roscoe. These gardens, which were abandoned for many years and have been reestablished in 2005, tumble down a hillside through a series five terraces 

McRitchie-Hollis Museum

McRitchieHollis Museum, which occupies another fine red-brick Greek Revival-style building, was built in 1937. It has been restored to its former glory and serves as an introduction to the American south during World War II and the Great Depression. 

Abide Brewing Company

Newnan’s first brewery, Abide Brewing Company, is one of many craft breweries that produce unique and exquisite beers. Abide is so small that they call it a “nano-brewery”. It was started by three Newnan residents with a dream.

Greenville Street Park

For decades, this small park in the city centre is a meeting place for Newnan citizens. The grand entrance features 25 columns in Greek-style. These columns lead to a fountain and terraced lawn, which are great for picnics. There are also paths that run around the space. 

Greenville Street Park

Ashley Park is a Newnan, Georgia-based lifestyle center. It is a home to DSW, Best Buy and Ulta Beauty, Dick’s Sporting Goods (Dillard’s), Belk, Onelife Fitness, and Georgian Cinemas are the anchor stores. The shopping center is also home to a strip mall.