New York: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in New York

Statue Of Liberty

It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The spiral staircase has 162 steps that connect the lady’s feet with the crown. 

Times Square

This area is known for its retail scene, with many stores open until 2 am every night. It’s open on 31 January, so make sure to visit it.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building was the highest building on Earth until 1972. The remarkable limestone building was completed in 410 days.

Brooklyn Bridge

It crosses the East River, connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Brooklyn Bridge is often featured in movies and it becomes even more beautiful at night.

Central Park

It is a wonderful place to enjoy a bit of nature and it has many attractions within its boundaries.

Metropolitan Museum of Art 

The collection includes American decorative arts, arms, armor, costumes and Egyptian art. There are also photographs and musical instruments.

American Museum of Natural History 

It features models of these incredible creatures that you can touch. The Okavango Blue Diamond, a rare 22-carat Okavango Blue Diamond, is another fascinating exhibit.