Beach Weddings

08 Most Popular Destinations for Beach Weddings 



Pink Sands Beach 

Global tourists visit the Bahamas yearly for its pristine beach views and fun atmosphere.  

Raja Ampat Beach 

People visiting Raja Ampat can’t get enough of the turquoise waters and white sand beaches.  

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Horseshoe Bay Beach

Bermuda’s comfortable summer weather lasts most of the year, so there’s no rush to secure a venue during peak travel seasons. 

Miramar Beach 

There are plenty of places to host your ceremony and reception along this popular Florida beach. 

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Garden Style Home

If this is your budget, you’re really sitting pretty in a city like NoLa.

Ocracoke Beach 

Head to the Outer Banks if you don’t want to host your wedding in a crowded tourist town.


Beach towns are some of the most popular wedding destinations. They’re romantic, fun and a crowd-pleasing venue no matter where you go.  

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