Most Interesting Places to Visit in Claremont

There are more than 80 bars and restaurants, seven colleges and endless hiking and biking trails.

California Botanic Garden

The garden contains approximately 70,000 California native plants. It includes 2,000 hybrids, species and cultivars.

Claremont Museum of Art

the Claremont Museum of Art became known as “the museum with no walls”, as many exhibitions were moved to borrowed spaces over the years.

Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater

Local residents love to go there when they want to dress up, listen to great music and enjoy a delicious meal.

Claremont Hills Wilderness Park

The trail is not difficult at first, but it can be crowded. Visitors are not allowed to use the facilities so it is wise for you to plan ahead.

Raymond M. Alf Museum

Family members will love exploring the Hall of Footprints which houses one of the most extensive and unique fossil track

Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery

The extensive collection of ceramics and paintings will be a delight to browse through.

Studio Claremont

Gabrielle Heide is the owner and director of Studio Claremont. She holds degrees from Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State Long Beach in teaching and art.

Laemmle’s Claremont 5

Laemmle’s seven locations have been used to present great films to more than one million people.