Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Morrilton, Arkansa

Museum of Automobiles

The Museum of Automobiles, located on Jones Lane in Morrilton is small in size but has a surprising number of vehicles and trucks from the past decade.

Petit Jean State Park 

Petit Jean State Park was a popular destination for outdoor lovers and nature lovers since the early 20s. It is still one of the most visited natural attractions in the state.

Mount Nebo State Park 

Mount Nebo State Park, Dardanelle is a wonderful place for those who want to experience the wilderness and spend a few nights in the wild.

Potts Inn Museum

The Potts Inn Museum, located in Pottsville in Arkansas, was built in the middle of the 20th century. It was the original home of a wealthy couple, who spent a lot to make it one of the most luxurious homes in the region.

Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge

The Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1950. It is the largest dedicated sanctuary for migratory waterfowl.

William J. Clinton Presidential Library 

Visitors who are interested in learning more about the history and rise of Bill J. Clinton have made the William J. Clinton Presidential Library a favourite stop since 2004.

Rock Town Distillery

Little Rock’s Rock Town Distillery is the first legal distillery to open after prohibition was lifted in the early 20th Century.