Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Are Visiting Bali, Indonesia 


Underestimating Bali’s Size 

You'll spend a lot of time getting from one place, as many places are not at all near each other.

Don’t Step On Daily Offerings 

A basket full of colorful daily offerings, called canang Sari, is one of the most fascinating sights to see when exploring Bali. 

Sunbathing Topless

Bali is considered a sacred island. The local Hindu culture is very important.                                                                              

Underestimating Humidity 

Unpreparedness for the humidity is one of the worst mistakes in Bali.                                                          

Not Respecting The Local Culture 

Tourists should not make the most of Bali's culture by disrespecting it. 

You’ll also find numerous fascinating historic sites in the city that depict its rich history as an industrial town.