Top Rated 7 best Budget restaurant in Mason City, Iowa

State Street Deli #1

For delicious sandwiches and side dishes, the State Street Deli in Mason City is your best bet. The meats are cut right in front of your eyes and then pressed onto a panini grill topped with Parmesan cheese. I loved the addition of Parmesan cheese to the bread at State Street Deli, even though I am not a huge sandwich fan.

Northwestern Steakhouse #2

The Northwest Steakhouse is one of Iowa’s most recognizable stars. I would eat there if one person had told me. It was delicious. The Northwestern Steakhouse is a family-owned business that has been serving Iowans great Greek-style steaks (filet, porterhouse Tbone or Prime Rib). It’s been open since 1920.

Plaza Mexico #3

One of many Mexican restaurants in Mason City is Plaza Mexico. Enjoy your favourite burritos or fajitas, tacos or enchiladas, while you enjoy warm tortilla chips with salsa. Plaza Mexico’s white queso dip is a must. Although I thought their prices were a little high, I was happy with the quality of the food and the beans and rice.

Birdsall’s Ice Cream #4

Birdsall’s is a name that is synonymous with Mason City. This retro ice cream shop has been a mainstay of the city for over 85 years. The old-fashioned way of making ice cream is still available, and the prices are so low that you can get several scoops to sample different flavors.

Taco John’s #5

Taco John’s serves breakfast and lunch, as well as nachos, burritos and tacos. It’s the preferred fast food option for Mason City residents. One morning, I stopped by to get breakfast. The #1 Breakfast Combination consisted of loose meat. This is what the Midwesterners call seasoned ground hamburger.

Tapas Bar and Restaurant The Quarry #6

The Quarry is a great restaurant with a fun atmosphere, large-screen TVs and a popular bar. They also have a great dessert menu. I visited the restaurant to see what desserts were available and was pleasantly surprised by the delicious bread pudding. It was delicious and arrived in five minutes.

The Hungry Mind #7

You might also consider a restaurant that uses locally-sourced ingredients for their delicious hand-crafted sandwiches, quiche and soups. Since 1976, The Hungry mind has delighted the palates of Mason City residents. You can also order bagels or cream cheese Smoked turkey and Swiss on rye bread is my favorite dish. It comes with chips, pickle spears, and chips. A side of potato salad is available for an extra charge.

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