Marion : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Marion

The name Marion is primarily a feminine, gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘Bitter’ or ‘from the sea.’ It is a diminutive of Mary and is from the same family as Mary. Marion is not uncommon among Scandinavian and Nordic populations.

Matter Park 

The park is located near downtown Marion. It was constructed in the heyday of the city and even had a zoo until the 1970s. After a period of decline, the park has rebounded and now hosts a growing list of events.  

Quilters Hall of Fame

The Quilters’ Hall of Fame is a museum dedicated to honor and recognize master quilters. It includes biographies on forty influential quilters, along with over 100 color photographs of their creations.  

Splash House 

This water park also has food and drink concessions. Adults can spend eight dollars to enjoy the Splash House’s water attractions, while children under two get in for just $6. 

Marion Public Library & Museum

The Marion Museum is located on South Main Street and features items from the past. The museum was once known as Jennie’s House. The Museum opened in 1992 and has programs for children throughout the year. 

Marion’s Mississinewa Riverwalk

The Mississinewa Riverwalk is home to a variety of activities, from dog walking to pranayama. Regardless of whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, you’re sure to find something that fits your style. 

Marion National Cemetery

The cemetery’s website includes information on local museums, restaurants, and lodging. The area also has a rich African American history, as well as an online museum guide. There are many National Park Service Civil War sites near the town. 

James Dean Birthsite Memorial

The museum also features memorabilia and two motorcycles that once belonged to the actor. A nearby museum showcases James Dean memorabilia and includes a replica of the house where he was born.