Top 7 Best Places To Visit in mahabalipuram

Shore Temple #1

Shore Temple, one of the oldest South Indian temples built in Dravidian style during the 7th Century, depicts the royal taste and tenets of the Pallava dynasty.

Mahabalipuram Beach 

Mahabalipuram Beach is the perfect spot to unwind and get away from the daily grind of work and deadlines. People travel from all walks of life to enjoy the natural sunbathing that the beach offers. You will see many people enjoying the beach, including windsurfers and swimmers.

Five Rathas 

One of the most impressive examples of rock temples is The Five Rathas (also known as Panch Rathas). These temples are outstanding examples of Dravidian architecture at its best.

Alamparai Fort 

The significance of this fort is not well known as the long-forgotten trading post is rarely mentioned. According to The Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation, (TTDC), the fort was one of twenty lesser-known tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu.

Krishna’s Butterball 

The Krishna’s Butterball, a bizarre 250-ton rock boulder that is either standing or resting on a slope, is known as the Krishna’s Butterball. It is also known as Stone of Sky God. It is a popular tourist spot in Mahabalipuram because of its mysterious scene.

Descent Of The Ganges 

Descent of the Ganges, one of the great open-air sculptures, was carved on two rock boulders. It is a significant place to visit in Mahabalipuram. It is a wonderful place to spend some time exploring the history with your family

Varaha Cave Temple 

Varaha Cave Temple, a rock-cut Hindu temple, is beautifully carved and reveals the ancient South Indian architecture. It is located behind Arjuna’s Penance and is one of Mahabalipuram’s most popular places