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Tea  Lover? 

Let See Which Country Enjoy the Most Tea


Turkey is the world’s leading tea-drinking nation, with more than half of the population regularly drinking it.  



Tea drinking culture in Ireland suffered a huge blow, but they eventually managed to bounce back.  

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United Kingdom

Despite the rise of fruity and herbal beverages, most consumers still drink black tea – made from Camellia sinensis plants. 

Moroccans take great pride in their tea culture, and it shows. When visiting their homes, everyone is treated to a cup of tea as they are always welcomed warmly.  

Egypt consumes between 65,000-75,000 tons of tea annually, including Earl Grey, Green Tea, Assam and flavored herbals. 


Palm Tree
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You can purchase it in either leaf or teabag form, with leaves from Camellia sinensis being roasted and brewed to create the delicious beverage we know as tea. 

New Zealand

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