Kutch: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Kutch

The Kutch district is located in western India. It has the largest population of any district in India, with a population of over two million.

Vijaya Vilas Palace 

This palace, which spans 45 acres, is a haven for royalty and offers stunning views. The palace has its own private beach and offers air-conditioned accommodations where the Kutch royal family resides at the moment. 

Kalo Dungar

Kalo Dungar is a Gujarati term that has been translated into English to denote the Black Hills. This vision is truly breathtaking. It is a beautiful place with a rich history that Lord Dattatreya has dedicated to it. A sacred temple well worth visiting. 

Kutch Museum

The museum’s Gothic-inspired architecture is Italian Gothic. There are 11 galleries that cater to various sections of the museum, including anthropology, archaeology and textiles. 

Mandvi Beach 

The area is ideal for adventure seekers, as it offers many water sports. You can enjoy horse riding, as well as some delicious food from the stalls on the beach. It’s rich history and attractive windmills are something you won’t want missing. 

Rann of Kutch

The area is divided into the Great Rann and Little Rann of Kutch. It contains large salt deposits in the desert. Many pilgrims have told stories of seeing optical illusions that look as real as they are from these deposits. 


The village, also known locally as Kotada Timba, is an archeological site located in Khadirbet, Kutch Gujarat. This location is home to many pieces of architecture and a glimpse into the Harappan lifestyle.  

Rann Utsav of Kutch

It will take place from 12th November 2020 until 28th February 2021. Rann Utsav, a Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited initiative, is packed full of leisure, delicious food, and adventure.