Kahani Ki Dukaan – Reviving our Best ancient art of storytelling 


Having a social bent of mind, they decided to support the locals by reviving their art forms and skills. 

With the passage of time and the impact of development and growth, most of our cultural and heritage art forms have gone through tremendous change.

Their main aim was to revive the dying art of storytelling, using theater and vocal forms.                                                          

He was a performance artist, always wanting to bring art to remote corners and tell stories of rural India. During these performance gatherings, he met a lot of interesting artists including Jasmine.

Post the festival, children wanted to continue with the concept and demanded Kahani ki Dukaan should stay forever.  

Kahani Ki Dukaan means a story shop. They are a hub of human stories, a bazaar where you find elements of culture and lifestyle from Himachal.