Jersey City : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Jersey City , New Jersey

Empty Sky Memorial 

The Empty Sky Memorial is a powerful tribute to those lost in the attacks of September 11, 2001. Located across the Hudson River from the site of the twin towers, the memorial is a masterful corridor of stainless steal, with engraved names of victims. 

Liberty Science Center

The Liberty Science Center includes 12 exhibit halls and over 100 live creatures. The interactive exhibits are designed to engage children’s curiosity and encourage exploration. 

Downtown Jersey City 

Downtown Jersey City is a place that has potential, but it’s now firmly on the map as a destination for dining. You can find everything you need, from Chinese to Mexican and Italian cuisines, at The Kitchen Step. Try the daily menu at Broa. Or try Mi Casa’s Latin American dishes.

Liberty State Park

Visitors can get to the action with the PATH and Hudson-Bergen Light Rail.This waterfront pier park has game tables, seating, historical lighting, an entertainment pavilion, and shady spots. 

White Eagle Hall

The White Eagle Hall emblem bears similarities to Poland’s coat of arms. It was named in honor of two prominent Polish immigrants. The Hall has an open bar and an optional limited bar. The theater’s unique atmosphere and history are what make it so special. 

Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal

You could also just wander around and imagine the bustle of commuters who would have packed this station in the 1940s or ’50s. This is a great place to explore Jersey City if you love history. 

Sail NYC

This way, you can become part of the crew and experience the sights from a different perspective. You can also become a captain and take the helm on a sailboat if you’d prefer. The company employs a USCG-licensed captain to ensure the safety of its guests.