Top rated 7 Best Places to Visit in Plano, Texas

Top rated 7 Best Places to Visit in Plano, Texas 

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

This area boasts its own trail system with more than 3.8 miles of walkable paths that run through the backcountry.

Heritage Farmstead Museum

The site is described as a living museum because it preserves every detail of the daily lives of its inhabitants from the early 20th century.

Lewisville Lake

Lewisville Lake, located to the north-west from Plano, is a wonderful place for boating and camping, as well as walking, or simply relaxing in the heat of Texas summer.

Los Rios Golf Club

The course was designed by Don January of Texas in the middle 1970s. It is a beautiful and challenging golfing destination.

Bob Woodruff Park

The Bob Woodruff Park walking route takes you through beautiful lakes, and includes piers for fly-fishing, running tracks and picnic spots.

Dallas Vintage Shop

The Dallas Vintage Shop is unlike any other vintage shop you have ever seen.

Shawnee Park

Shawnee Park, a charming, little patch of greenery, is located just north of Plano’s city centre