THUGS is a group of 2100 plus enthusiastic and passionate Tata Harrier and Safari owners. All with a similar dream to drive, explore and share.

The THUG group – better known as The THUG FAMILY – an evolved group from Tata Harrier Unified Group to The HUNK Unified Group

All with similar mindsets and thrill for adventure, all THUG vehicle owners under one umbrella, to bond as a FAMILY, to fulfill a passion to drive together into the wild as a large cavalcade.

THUGS' focus is also selecting a social endeavor as part of their journey wherein they connect with NGOs on their route and help them with whatever is required.

‘THUGs with a Soul’  - A drive to the corners of the country with a purpose :  to explore the wonders of our country, to reach out to the less deprived and thus help in bridging the gap.

“Every drive has a purpose, a theme to bring in that human connection. Reaching out with a social responsibility to give what we have – our time and love.