Aditya Tiwari made history by becoming India’s Youngest single adoptive parent of a special child. A relationship formed beyond blood or birth

Age 26, Aditya went to visit an orphanage in Indore. He saw Binny (a child with Downs Syndrome). Aditya was not eligible to adopt, as the official age of adoption by a single parent was 30 and above.

 At age 28, Aditya transformed the meaning of motherhood by adopting Avnish, having no prior experience of taking on the responsibility of a special child.

On 1st January 2016, Aditya was given permission to adopt Binny and bring him home. Binny got a new name – Avnish.  Aditya was legally Avnish’s father.

In 2022, this father-son duo actually reached the Everest base camp and unfurled the Indian Flag.  “Down’s on the Top of The World” it was!

Avnish was India’s Youngest National Awardee  for Individual Excellence- the “Shresth Divyang Bal Puraskar”

On international women’s Day 2020, Aditya  was honored with the tag of “World's Best Mother”. He also received the Youngest Change-maker Award in 2020.