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How Technology Changed The Way We Travel ?                                                     

By: Vishal        

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Online booking websites, for example, have made it easy to plan and book trips as well as hotels at discounted rates.  

Online Booking


Ease in Packing  

You can check the real time weather condition of your destination and accordinlgy pack your stuff and don't need to pack uncessarily.  

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Saving Memories  

With increase of camera quality, most of the travellers prefer to carry a mobile phone with good camera 

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It's a great idea to stay in touch with your family and friends on the road, so you can keep them informed about your travel plans. 

Ease of Communication  

Safer and Convenient  

Travelling is also made easier by the fact that you don't have to take all your stuff along with you.  

Open Hands

Modern technology allows people to travel with just a small bag containing the essentials. 


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