Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Helena, Montana

Montana State Capitol 

The State Capitol is surrounded by beautiful hillsides and elegant neighborhood buildings. It has been proudly overlooking Helena for more than 100 years. The capitol building’s tall dome and Lady Liberty perched on the top add extra height, while the granite columns and Greek architecture give it a feeling of significance.

Mount Helena City Park 

Mount Helena, Helena’s iconic landmark and most prominent natural attraction, is a highlight of Helena. The park covers over 600 acres with several miles of hiking trails. It is located on the hillsides above Reeder’s Alley. The 1906 Trail is one of the most popular routes to reach the summit, offering spectacular views.

Reeder’s Alley #3

Reeder’s Alley, located in the southwest corner downtown, offers a full immersion into Helena’s history. It features buildings and architecture that date back to the 1870s. It is the oldest piece of Helena’s history that remains intact. 

The Cathedral of Saint Helena 

The twin spires of Saint Helena Cathedral, located near downtown and the Old Governor’s Mansion have been overlooking the city for more than a century. This Gothic cathedral was severely damaged by the 1935 earthquake.

Holter Museum of Art 

The Holter Museum in Helena is a cultural center. It hosts regional, national and international art exhibits. The museum’s rotating displays are about expressions of modern culture. Permanent installations include a variety of art forms.

Downtown Pedestrian Mall 

This is the area in Helena that was prosperous and known as Last Chance Gulch. It’s where the city began. In 1864, the city’s modern history began when prospectors discovered gold in the gulch. The charming downtown district of Downtown is home to this area, which is rich in culture.

Montana Historical Society 

The Montana Historical Society is located adjacent to the State Capitol. It’s easy to miss the large sculptures that line the lawn. The Historical Society is home to the Montana’s Museum with many exhibits and galleries.