Grand Canyon : Plan Your Vacation In This Holiday Season

Located in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a natural formation spanning 277 miles. 

Navajo tribes living in the Grand Canyon have many cultural links to the  area. The Navajo Nation spans parts of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.  

The Navajo Nation has a total of 16 million acres. The majority of this  land is located in northern Arizona, while the southern part of the  reservation is in Utah. 

Many of the fossils in the Grand Canyon are ocean-dwelling creatures,  such as ancient fish. These fossils date from 540 million to 260 million  years ago.  

Increasing drought and fires are affecting the ecosystem of the Grand  Canyon. As a result, federal leaders are looking to reduce water  demands.  

Whether you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon or you’re just  looking for a new adventure, the selection of hiking trails is varied  and spectacular.