Grace Cathedral: Most Famous Historical Church 

Located in San Francisco California, the Grace Cathedral is one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the state. I 

It was founded during the California Gold Rush and was designed by Lewis Hobart. It has stained glass windows that were made by the famed Tiffany Studios. 

Located in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, California, the Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal church. The building is a landmark in San Francisco. 

It was designed by Lewis Parsons Hobart, who was one of the first architects to open an office in the city. It was built in French Gothic style. 

The Grace Cathedral is a beautiful work of art. The stained glass windows are breathtaking. The Chapel of Grace and baptistry window series contains over 32,000 pieces of glass.  

Grace Cathedral is one of the largest Episcopalian churches in the United States. It was designed in the French Gothic style, and is inspired by Notre Dame in Paris. 

The original building was destroyed by an earthquake in 1906. The church is now an Episcopal Cathedral for the Diocese of California. 

In 1907, construction on the cathedral began. The first building to be constructed was the temporary pro-cathedral. In 1909, the cathedral was a temporary home for parish services.