Top 6 Best Places To Visit in Gloversville, New York

Adirondack Animal Land

What are some activities in Gloversville? Adirondack Animal Land is a place to view animals that aren’t native to your region.

Fulton County Museum

Fulton County Museum is a great place to visit if you are a fan of museums and want to learn more about Gloversville’s history.

Mountain Ridge Adventure

Mountain Ridge Adventure State Park offers more than a walk in the woods. Visitors can fly through the air on zip lines. The park offers zip-lining enthusiasts a place to practice their skills

Aquarium to get a glimpse at marine life

Tourists and locals alike should visit Via Aquarium to see marine life from all corners of the globe. The aquarium offers visitors the opportunity to see a variety of fish

Adirondack Stained Glass Works

Both tourists and locals should visit Adirondack Stained Glass Works to see different types of work. The Adirondack Stained Glass Works can be found at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. You can find stained glass for windows, doors and lamps in a variety natural settings.

Plotter Kill Preserve

AlmyD.Coggleshall, a member of the Schenectady County Environmental Advisory Council was instrumental in creating the Plotterkill trail. In 1990, the preserve was named after him. It is a great place to study nature. It is used by Boy Scout troop and local schools.