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Ban Chiang

The site contains the longest cultural sequence of any site in the region.  

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Sukhothai and Associated Historic Town

Its name is derived from two Sanskrit words: “sukha” and “udaya”, meaning “rise” or “happiness”. 

The Historic City of Ayutthaya 

Located on an island surrounded by three rivers, the historic park includes the remains of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. 

Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries 

You can also see many rare and endangered plants, including the Burmese ferret-badger. 

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ong Phayayen-Kao Yai Forest Complex

The complex contains four National Parks and one Wildlife Sanctuary. 

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Kaeng Krachan Forest Complex



It consists of Kaeng Krachan national park, Kui Buri national park, and Chaloem Phrakiat Thai Prachan national park. 

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