Explore The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Portugal

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Angra Do Heroismo in the Azores 

The town of Angra do Heroismo in Portugal is a well-preserved example of  a traditional urban model adapted to its climate and geography.  

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The Convent of Christ in Tomar 

The Convent of Christ in Tomar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The Convent of Christ in Tomar 

Cultural Landscape of Sintra 

The Cultural Landscape of Sintra is a mountainous strip of Portuguese  countryside that is filled with parks, gardens, and monuments.  

The Garrison Border Town of Elvas and Its Fortifications 

The complex features the fascinating Fort of Santa Luzia and the fortified Star-shaped defense system.

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The Historic Centre of Evora 

Brazil’s Portuguese architecture was greatly influenced by its monuments. 

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Guimaraes is a medieval city that has kept its medieval walls. You can  still see the remains of them at the end of Rua Santa Maria.

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