EXPLORE  KANSAS : 7 of the Most Beautiful places to visit in kansas

There are many beautiful places to wander in the Sunflower State. 


Kings Creek Loop Trail, Konza Prairie Natural Area

The Kings Creek Loop Trail, Konza Prairie Natural Area, is approximately 4.5 mi long 

Badger Creek Trail, Fall River Badger Creek Trail

This hike takes you around Fall River Lake which is about 70 miles east-west of Wichita.  


Horsethief Canyon. Kanopolis State Park

There are two spots worth visiting near Horsethief Canyon. Mushroom Rock state park is my favorite. 

Perry State Park

There are 29 miles (or so) of trails available to the public in and around the lake.  


Cedar Bluff State Park, Agave Ridge Loop

Cedar Bluff State Park’s Agave Ridge Loop straddles Cedar Bluff Reservoir. 


Dodge City Trail

Just 9 miles from Dodge City, you will find the Santa Fe Trail’s remnants. This was the original route for many pioneers.  

Elk River Hiking Trail. Elk City State Park

The hike will take you around Elk City Lake. It is approximately 15 miles round trip.