Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Scottsboro

Stephens Gap

If you’re in the Southeast and looking for a fun hike, consider a visit to Stephens Gap Cave. The cave is one of the most photographed in the Southeast, and you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities while you’re there.

Scottsboro Boys Museum & Cultural Centre

The Scottsboro Boys Museum focuses on the lives of nine young African Americans. The case, which is a symbol of race-based injustice, was suppressed by many in Scottsboro. Today, the museum commemorates the boys and their efforts to fight against racial injustice. 

Neversink Pit 

The Neversink Pit is a unique geological phenomenon in northern Alabama. At its widest point, it is 40 feet across, but drops 162 feet below it. This pit is so deep that it may have ice sheets during the winter or a lush fern forest in the summer. 

Jackson County Park

There are so many ways to enjoy Jackson County Park in California. Here is a brief overview of the top activities and attractions you can find in this park. You can also camp or bring your RV, and there is a great playground and nature trails for the children to explore. 

Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge 

Located on the northern side of Lake Guntersville off US 72 in Scottsboro, Alabama, Sauta Cave is free to visit and very easy to find. The entrance is gated, and it’s safe to go near, but don’t go inside.

Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Centre

The Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center is a small museum in Alabama that offers local family history research. Located in Scottsboro, Alabama, the Heritage Centre helps to tell the story of Jackson County and its early settlers, including Native Americans and Pioneers.

Rock Zoo

Located just off of County Road 32, the Rock Zoo is a family-owned business run by Larry and Donna Dawson. The rock, which is unpainted, was moved onto their property during construction of County Road 32.