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Discover The Secrets Of The Silk Road 


What is a Silk Road 

The Silk Road was a network of trade routes that ran from China to the Mediterranean. It was established by the Han dynasty. 

Explore Tashkent 

Tashkent was Uzbekistan’s vibrant capital. It used to be at the heart of old Central Asian trading routes. 

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Khiva, considered a pearl in eastern architecture is one of the oldest cities in ancient Khorezm.  


Bukhara, Central Asia's holiest capital, is dotted liberally with a rich architectural heritage that spans over a thousand years. 

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It was once one of the most important cities on the planet, is a name that evokes the color and commerce of the old Silk Road.  


Eski Juva, or the 'old tower' in Central Asia, was a well-known destination along the Silk Road. The bazaar is a wonderful place to find old-time Asia 

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