Delray Beach :Best Place To Visit On weekend

If you’re planning to vacation in Delray Beach, there are many places you can stay. downtown.  

Aside from being a wonderful place to visit, Delray Beach has a vibrant arts and culture scene. USA Today named it the “happiest seaside town in the United States” in 2015. 

Some of these include Cabana El Rey, Mussel Beach, The New Vegan, Brule Bistro, and others. Many of these options are just a few steps from the beach.  

There are also museums and historical sites worth exploring. Visitors can visit the restored 1913 Delray School and the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum, a historic residence of a prominent African-American. 

Pinball machine enthusiasts will particularly enjoy this place. The museum also features games like skee-ball and Miss Pac-Man. 

While in Delray Beach, you can indulge in some tasty treats. During your stay, you can enjoy ice cream and candy in the old-fashioned Kilwins ice cream parlor.