Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Daly City, California

The Cow Palace 

The Cow Palace, one of Daly City’s most beloved venues, is located right at the city’s border. The Cow Palace is easily accessible from San Francisco. It hosts a variety of live concerts, shows and other events throughout the year.  

Thornton Beach State Park 

Thornton Beach State Park is a popular activity in Daly City. It is situated on a small stretch of beach and is loved by the locals, who come here to enjoy the white sands and cool dunes.

Classic Bowling Center 

The Classic Bowling Center is the perfect place for those looking to enjoy a little sport in Daly City. The Classic Bowling Center is more than a traditional bowling center that has a few lanes. It also boasts 60 lanes and a full arcade with old-school games.

Palisades Park 

Palisades Park is a popular spot in Daly City because of its stunning views over the ocean, and the neighboring beaches. This is why so many people and tourists flock to it.

Pacifica Archery 

Pacifica Archery is a family-owned business that specializes in archery. You can practice your aim at Daly City’s archery range. The archery center also has a pro shop, which sells archery products like bows and targets 

Westlake Park Community Center 

If you’re looking for exercise opportunities in the Daly City, Westlake Park Community Center can be a great choice. The City Parks Department owns the center and provides a wide range of programs to the community and visitors.

San Bruno Mountain State Park 

San Bruno Mountain State Park is a popular place to hike. It is also one of the most sought-after parks in the Daly City region. It stretches from Daly City’s edges to Santa Cruz Mountain Range and offers a variety of beautiful hiking trails that visitors can explore.