Top 8 Places to Visit in Culver City, California

The Wende Museum

Justinian Jampol founded the Wende Museum in 2002 as an art museum and historic archive. It was established to preserve items related the Cold War and former Soviet Union. 

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

The Museum of Jurassic Technology, an internationally acclaimed museum in Los Angeles’ Palms District was founded by Diana Drake Wilson and David Hildebrand Wilson in 1988. The museum is an extension to Hildebrand Wilson’s cultural curiosities collection.  

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Culver City, California

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, which is located southwest of Los Angeles’ downtown area, offers breathtaking views of downtown Los Angeles at a height greater than 500 feet. You can reach the peak via either the approximately one-mile walk uphill visitor trail or the 282-step Culver City Stairs stairs

Culver City Park

Culver City Park, a 41-acre park, is open to the public every day. It features a KOPMAN-designed children’s playground that features a Scandinavian-style playspace and jungle gym. There are traditional playgrounds with slides and swings, as well as a softball field and a basketball court. 

STAR Eco Station

STAR Eco Station

STAR Eco Station, an environmental science museum located in Culver city, was originally opened by Erick Bozzi and Kayta Bozzi with their two children in 1997. The museum collaborates with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and federal environmental agencies to provide rehabilitation services for exotic wildlife that has been abandoned.  

Sony Pictures Studio Tour

Sony Pictures Studio Tour allows visitors to step back to Hollywood’s Golden Age and explore the studios, sound stages, and gates behind the production company’s famous gates 

Milla Chocolate

Milla Chocolates, an internationally acclaimed chocolatier founded by Christine Sull Sarioz is hailed as one of California’s top craft chocolatiers by TimeOut, Martha Stewart Living and The Los Angeles Times. It is well-known for its single-origin, high-quality chocolates made from beans from Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic. 

Rock N Rope Adventures

Rock N Rope Adventures, a Southern California company that specializes in outdoor rock climbing adventures, is open to all levels of climbers. Private and group trips are offered by the company, which employs professional climbers with Professional Climbing Guides Institute certificate.