This historic city was founded in 1784 and shares the scenic Cumberland River with Nashville. It also has 30 parks and two state parks.  

Craziest Things to Do in Clarksville

This was the era when big bands, square dancing, and radio programs were all possible within the cave’s naturally ventilated entrance. 

Dunbar Cave

Confederate Army built the fort to defend Clarksville. Union control took over the fort in 1862. This was the turning point in the fall of Nashville. 

Civil War Park & Interpretive Center

If you prefer to cycle or walk, McGregor Park has a bike rental. McGregor Park is just one of five BCycle stations in the city that allow you to rent a bicycle. 

McGregor Park & RiverWalk

The dog park is a great place to take your canine friend, while the playground was built by the community. 

Liberty Park & Clarksville Marina

You can go into any of the wide alleyways, which are designed for special needs customers, and find what you like. 

Miss Lucille’s Marketplace

This impressive structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (since 1972). It combines many styles of architecture. 

Museum & Cultural Center.

You will bike an abandoned rail bed, and then meander along a forest trail beside the Red River or West Fork Creek.  

Rent a bike and ride Creekside

You will recognize some of them, like the arcade, pool table and paint room. Surreal lighting makes old themes seem new again.  

Blacklight Mini-Golf 3D