Chile ‘s Best Treks and Hike

If you look at any map of South America, Chile’s string bean shape will  be obvious. It is also the world’s longest country at 4,329 km from  north to south.

The W Trek

The five-day, four night W Trek through Torres Del Paine National Park is the most iconic hike in Chile’s stunning backcountry. This 71-kilometer hike is the most well-known in Patagonia.

The O Circuit

The O Circuit is a 9-11-day trip that runs in a clockwise direction from Laguna Amarga. There is a limit of 80 people per day on the trail, so it is easy to find peace and solitude.

Cochamo Valley Trek

Cochamo Valley Trek

Cochamo Valley is known for its stunning waterfalls and granite domes.  You’ll need to follow a cowboy trail for 10 km to reach it.

Valle de la Luna Day Hike

The Atacama desert in northern Chile is best explored  by long drives to the Altiplano at high altitude. Short walks are  possible once you reach the destination.

Cerro Castillo Circuit

This lesser-known circuit trail, located about an hour from the Balmaceda airport, is known as “the next W Trek” and is a great choice for backpackers who want a multi-day hike off the beaten track.

Dientes Circuit

he 53-kilometer long Dientes Circuit, which is five days in length, takes you through the rugged, wind-blown backcountry at Isla Navarino. It’s located right where the Andes are buried beneath the Arctic Plate.