The Art Institute of Chicago has hundreds of thousands of artifacts and is considered a top museum. This diverse collection includes artworks from many media, including paintings, prints, photography and sculpture. 

Millennium Park is a part of larger Grant Park. It is located in downtown Chicago, bordered by Michigan Avenue (to the west), Columbus Drive (to the east), Randolph Street (to the north) and Monroe Street (to the south).  

The Navy Pier, which is a must-see in Chicago, juts into Lake Michigan. It offers a wide range of entertainment and fun for all ages. The kilometre-long pier is lined with gardens, carnival rides and a variety of other attractions 

North Avenue, Chicago’s most popular beach, is well-known for its great swimming and sunbathing. There are many amenities nearby. Lincoln Park is a short drive north from the center, and it lies along Lake Michigan’s shores. 

The Museum of Science and Industry, which is the North End of Jackson Park, is the most impressive American science museum. It is so large that visitors can spend many days, if not weeks, exploring the exhibits. 

This fountain, which was inspired by Art Deco, is situated in the heart of Grant Park. The fountain is open during peak hours, while the lights at night illuminate it. This fountain is a must-see spot for tourists looking for Chicago landmarks. 

The Lakefront Trail has some beautiful views from below but the 360 Chicago Observation Deck offers unbeatable views from high up. The John Hancock Center was once the 94th Floor.