Check Out These Famous Food Points Of Old Delhi



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Mutton Burra Kebab- mutton chops and shanks roasted with the right spices n ghee for a unique flavor.



Al Jawahar Restaurant

This long-standing dining spot is said to have been inaugurated in India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. 

A Hidden Gem in Old Delhi


The man behind the counter knows his way around chicken grilling and cooking.



This delicious dessert is made from small pieces of bread fried in condensed milk and dried 

Cool Point Shahi Tukda Recipe



Sharbat E Mohabbat


For a royal touch, it is served in a glass with rose syrup, cubed watermelon chunks, and ice.


They fry the chicken twice. Once it is half-fried, they take it out of the pan and fry it again.