A major event for the Keralites, Onam draws from Hindu tradition and celebrates the lives of King Mahabali and his wife Vamana.


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Ritual Dance – Moolam

Special dance performances are organised on this day, and the state is decorated to celebrate the festival.  

Origin – King Mahabali

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Its origins date back to the time of the Hindu king Mahabali. The jealous gods forced the king to vacate his throne, but he requested to visit his people once a year. 


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The King’s request is the inspiration for Onam, and the people of Kerala welcome him with great festivities. 

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In Kerala, the harvest festival, Onam, is celebrated by the entire community. The festival is a time for sports, fun and ritual celebrations. 

Traditional Food

Throughout the state of Kerala, Onam is celebrated by people of all faiths. People from Hindus, Muslims, and Christians alike celebrate the festival equally.