Casa Grande : Top 7 Best Places To  Visit in Casa Grande , Arizona

The Museum of Casa Grande 

The museum is open on Wednesdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm. If you have little ones, consider visiting this museum. Located on Florence Boulevard at 110 W., it is easy to get to.

The Domes of Casa Grande

The domed structures were constructed as a headquarters for the semiconductor company Innerconn Technology in 1982. Due to their low cost, they were constructed by inflating a huge balloon and then covering it in concrete and urethane.

Promenade at Casa Grande

The Promenade at Casa Grande is a major retail complex in the area, with over 48 stores. You can find hours of operation, directions, and contact information for each store in the Promenade. For more information, visit

Casa Grande Neon Sign Park

The town was named for a Hohokam settlement, and began thriving during the Arizona mining boom in the 1870s. While the mining industry dominated the town, it slowly transitioned into an agricultural town.  

Peart Park

During a meeting last week, the director of the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board discussed some design options. She outlined several pros and cons of each idea. Read on to learn more about the plan and its impact on the community. 

Fountains of Living Of Water Church 

Whether a church focuses on worship, education, or service, the members of Fountains of Living Of Water Church have a lot to offer to those who desire to experience a life filled with love and mercy. You’ll be in a place where people are looking for a place to belong. 

West Side Park

The park has two paved parking lots. A pedestrian pathway to the park allows access to cyclists and pedestrians alike. In addition, the Park can be accessed via Proctor Creek Greenway.