Best Places to visit in Calabasas, CA

Malibu Creek State Park

Malibu Creek State Park, covering 8,215 acres, was created in 1974 to  preserve the Malibu Creek Canyon in Santa Monica Mountains. 

Leonis Adobe museum

Leonis Adobe is the oldest structure still standing in the San Fernando  Valley. It was built as a private residence for Miguel Leonis, a wealthy  rancher. 

King Gillette Ranch

King Gillette Ranch

The King Gillette Ranch was once the property of King C. Gillette the  razor baron. It is now part of California’s Malibu Creek State Park. 

Saddle Peak Lodge

Saddle Peak Lodge’s rich and colorful past dates back more than 100  years. Some people remember it as a roadhouse, or as a pony express top. 

Calabasas Community Center

The Agoura Hills/ Calabasas Community Center, located in the Santa  Monica Mountains’ foothills, offers a variety of educational,  recreational, social, and other activities for all ages.  

Malibu Hindu Temple

Malibu Hindu Temple

The Malibu Hindu Temple is owned and operated by the Hindu Temple Society of Southern California.