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Boulder City, Nevada

Tourist Attractions-  Places To Visit In Boulder City, Nevada


The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum is a fascinating place to visit. Here you can see artifacts and personal accounts from the construction of the Hoover Dam. 

Historic Railroad Hiking Trail 


The trail is flat and wide and follows a former railroad bed. However, it is not without its risks. 


White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Mike O'CallaghanPat Tillmann Memorial Bridge 

Dedicated to Pat Tillman, who died in a plane crash in 1976, the bridge is a popular attraction among both residents and visitors.

Located in the city's municipal park in Bootleg Canyon, the Nature Discovery Trail and Rock Garden offers spectacular views of the city and colorful rock gardens. 

Nature Discovery Trail        

Nevada Southern Railroad Museum 

This historical attraction is operated by the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. 

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Hemenway Park

Here, you can play a game of tennis or basketball or just relax with a good book. 


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