Best Travel Guide for Grand Canyon National Park 2022.

It is located in Arizona’s northwest quadrant and boasts a vast expanse of gorges, impressive rock formations, and beautiful ridges. 

River Rafting Make a splash!

Half-day or full day trips can be made in the northeastern canyon, where calm waters are the norm. 

Drop at major Viewpoint

Grand Canyon is a paradise for photographers. There are many places you can take your best photos. 

Join the Mule trip

Tourists are more likely to take the South Rim trip, which is why they are always full. North Rim mule trips can only be taken from mid-May through October. 

Take awe at the Havasu Fall

The stunning view of the aqua-blue water flowing over the orange-travertine cliffs makes it a beautiful oasis. 

Drive through Desert View

You can stop at vantage points such as Yaki Point and Duck on a Rock, Desert View, Grandview Point, Desert View, Desert View, Yaki Point and Yaki Point along the route. 

Take part in the electrifying aerial trip

This trip offers everything you could want. It starts high above the canyon rims, giving you a view of hundreds of miles.