Best Tourist Attraction in NewPort.

Newport’s history has been closely tied to the ocean, from its  beginnings as a shipbuilding port to today as America’s yachting  capital. Newport was famous for its extravagant displays of wealth and  New York society

The Breaker

Cornelius Vanderbilt’s wife, his wife, and their construction of what  would be – exactly as they intended – the most iconic Newport Gilded Age  mansion was no small feat.

The Cliff Walk

The Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk offers some of the most spectacular views of Newport  mansions. This is the side that was used as a backdrop for the elegant  lawn and garden parties of the Gilded Age.

Trinity Church

Trinity Church

Trinity Church, a New England village church, stands at the edge a large  lawn. The gracefully teered spire of Trinity Church is a Newport  landmark.

Ocean Drive

The magnificent mansions of Newport don’t stop at Bellevue Avenue. Ocean  Drive begins at the end of the fabled street. It is marked by an abrupt  turn, and the whimsical gatehouse of Rough Point

National Museum of American Illustration

The Vernon Court Mansion is home to the National Museum of American Illustration. It’s located on Bellevue Ave in Newport’s historic district. The museum is dedicated to the “Golden Age” in American illustration.