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Best Things to do in Virginia City 



Explore the Virginia City Historic District

This district is home to the Alder Gulch, where gold was discovered, and numerous historical buildings. 

Take a Horse Carriage Ride 

If you’re traveling with your partner, this is one of the most romantic things to do in this historic town. 

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Montana’s oldest professional acting group 

What used to be a livery stable in the 1890s got transformed into the Opera House in 1949, entertaining visitors with its delightful shows.  

Pamper yourself with tempting delicacie

There is no dearth of restaurants in Virginia City that serve scrumptious meals.  

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From seeing apparitions by the Hanging House and at the cemetery, to hearing unknown voices in the Opera House, there are many instances of such experiences

Go on a Ghost tour       

Get the gold rush vibe with Gold Panning 


Go for gold mining panning adventures in Alder Gulch where you’ll learn how to pan for gold and other precious stones.  

" It was in the 1940s that Charles & Sue Bovey started buying buildings in this old town to preserve its historical importance.    "

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