Best Religious And Sacred Places You Must Visit In Boston                                               

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First Baptist Church of Boston  


The church is decorated with a Tiffany window that depicts Jesus' baptism. 


Tremont temple

This is the site where Charles Dickens read "A Christmas Carol" for the first time in public in America. 


Community Church of Boston

It is a great example of community leadership in the religious sector, and is often emulated by congregations across the country.


First Church of Christ

The Plaza is home to many buildings. The oldest of these is the original Mother Church of Christian Science, which was constructed in 1894. 


Old North Church


Old North is a great place to visit. Visitors can see the box pews and admire the 17th century angels flanking its 1759 organ.


ISKCON Boston 


ISCKON is a worldwide organization that aims to inspire and provide spiritual strength to congregation members.