Best Places to Visit in Tucker, Georgia

Tucker is located in Georgia's DeKalb County. It is approximately 15 miles northeast from downtown Atlanta. 

Tucker Brewing Company

Tucker Brewing Company, Georgia's only brewery that makes lager beers is committed to making lager beers that are easy to drink and flavorful.

Mind Busting Escape Rooms

Escape rooms can be used for team building, date nights, finding out about someone you are going out with, or simply to have fun and escape the house.

Clarkston Food Truck Fest

There come many vendors and people from all parts of the city and nearby. Fest mode is a great way to give the environment a unique charm.

Stone Mountain Park

 Summer is the best time to visit our stunning natural areas, enjoy our family friendly attractions, and withness the nightly Lasershow Spectacular.

Tucker Farmer's Market

They draw particularly from nearby Stone Mountain, Lilburn and Clarkston, Decatur and, of course Tucker.

My Parent's Basement

My Parent's Basement is a local eatery that was started by three friends who enjoy beer, thoughtful food, and comic books.  

My Parent's Basement

 In 1951, the College Football Hall of Fame was created to honor great players and coaches 95000 square feet.