Best Places To Visit In Lafayette, Indiana

Home to many historic landmarks, cultural attractions, and family-friendly activities.

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Prophetstown State Park

The park's name is a tribute to the village of Prophetstown, a Native American settlement that was established in 1808.                 

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Tippecanoe County Courthouse

The Tippecanoe County Courthouse is located on the public square in Lafayette, Indiana.                

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Tropicanoe Cove

If you're looking for a fun-filled water park in Indiana, Tropicanoe Cove is the place for you!                

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The Tippecanoe Mall in Lafayette, Indiana, is an enclosed shopping center.      

Tippecanoe Mall                 

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Clegg Memorial Garden            

Clegg Memorial Garden is located in Lafayette, Indiana and has a newly paved trail.               

The Haan Museum of Indiana Art Lafayette Indiana is a public art museum that houses 

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Haan Museum of Indiana Art