Best Places To Visit In Kingman, Arizona 

In Kingman, Arizona, there are plenty of ways to keep busy and have fun during your stay. 


Brush Stroke

Giganticus Headicus  

Standing 14 feet high and made from metal, wood, cement, and polyethylene, the sculpture is a landmark of Kingman. 

Bonelli House 

The Bonelli House is a historic home located on Fifth Street in Kingman, Arizona. 

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Multiple Blue Rings

Hualapai Mountain Park 

You can hike in Hulalapai Mountain Park and experience the rugged desert landscape while staying in one of the rustic cabins. 

Brush Stroke

When visiting the Kingman Railroad Museum, you will be surrounded by a sense of history. 

Railroad Museum 

Alpacas of the Southwest  

f you're looking for a unique way to spend a day, try visiting Alpacas of the Southwest, a farm in Kingman, Ariz.  

Mohave Museum of History and Art

This museum's mission is to create awareness about the area's history and culture through exhibitions, education, and public outreach.